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Every student should be granted the chance to learn in an environment where they feel motivated and supported. Education opens doors to opportunities and we give our students the support they need to achieve their dreams.


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About Ad Astra

We provide tutoring services specialising in academic learning. Launched in 2008, we have spent over a decade working with students to achieve their individual goals.

Ad Astra is Latin for ‘to the stars’, which reflects our ethos as we aim to inspire students to believe in themselves, by giving them the tools to learn and an environment to prosper.

1. Assess

Evaluate our students to understand their needs and gaps in knowledge.

2. Group

Categorise our tuition style based on the results of the assessment.

3. learn

We use a multifaceted learning approach to deliver a personalised plan for each student.

4. review

Conduct a termly review of the progress made by each student in a one to one meeting.

Our Expertise

We have over a decade of experience across the core subject areas and we are constantly growing to support more needs and subjects.

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Key stage 1

Typically classed as year 1 and 2 (ages between 5-7) including SATs preparation.

Key stage 2

Classed as year 3 to 6, we cover problem solving, applied Maths and SATs preparation.

Key stage 3

Classed as year 7 and 8 now, as most UK schools have begun GCSE's in year 9.

11+ preparation

Including: verbal, non-verbal, Mathematics, English comprehension and Storywriting.


We cover a range of subjects from the core: Science, English, Maths to Languages and Humanities (upon request).

AS and A2 levels

We cover Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics,  English Literature and Language, Economics (upon request).

"Trying to get kids to study at home is a nightmare, but the team at Ad Astra have transformed Hema's attitude. Having a dedicated space and time to focus is important, we've seen a real difference in grades and overall confidence"


“ Partnering with Ad Astra tutoring services has allowed us to be more flexible in how we can cater to our students, throughout half terms and after school clubs. We're proud to work with them”


“To have your children come back from tutoring, buzzing about what they've learnt is the real reward. The team at Ad Astra have been amazing and have worked with our son from 11+ all the way to GCSE level”

martin spencer (parent)

Tutoring Styles

We understand that each student learns differently. To provide the most effective learning environment, we offer three main formats of delivery. Ranging from traditional classrooms with small focused groups, one on one sessions and crash courses running every half term leading up to exam season.

Group tuition

Classroom based sessions of 4 to 6 students. Each session is grouped by year group, ability and topic.


We offer one-to-one support for students that prefer this approach or have a specific requirement.

crash courses

We offer crash courses in preparation for exam season, throughout half term structured over 5 to 10 days.

Got any questions? Get in touch:

Got any questions?
Get in touch:

If you have any general queries, questions on our programmes or would like to book in get in touch with us below and a member of the team will get back to you within 48 hours.

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