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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right tutor to support your academic journey should be considered carefully.
We've listed a few frequently asked questions below that can shed some light on our processes and logistics to help.

how do i know if my child needs a tutor?

The assumption is that tuition intervention is only required when a student is struggling, when in fact, working with a tutor continuously helps students plan better, manage stress and become more confident. Frequent students typically attend for exam preparation, increasing classroom confidence and to receive personalised academic support.

how is each student's progress measured?

We continuously monitor progression in each session and make recommendations. We also run assessments every 10-12 weeks to assess their development, itemised reports are then issued and one-on-one meetings are booked to discuss the outcomes and next steps.

how many students will there be per classroom?

We keep group sizes small to maximise impact, with 4 to 6 students per class. Grouped on ability post-assessment.

how often should a student attend tutoring sessions?

We can recommend frequency based off the initial assessment and your desired goals. It is important to keep consistent with tutoring, often students come weekly or bi-weekly and crash courses tend to run over a week.

do students get assigned homework?

We do assign homework of around 45 minutes a week, per subject. We feel this is a comfortable amount to complete alongside assigned homework from schools and colleges.

what materials do you use to teach with?

We are proud to say we develop a large amount of our own original content aligned with the national curriculum. We also use a mixture of past exam papers from exam boards such as AQA, EDEXCEL, WJEC and OCR.

do you take card payments or bank transfer?

We accept both forms of payment and can be flexible with your payment style. You pay per attended lesson and can book in advance.

how do i know which format of tutoring to choose?

After the free initial assessment, we can discuss your preferences and create a plan of action to reach your goals within the required time frame. Often students may take a blended approach with frequent group visits and ad-hoc one-to-one session.

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